Garage for classic cars only !

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Our services for your old vehicules



Tired of seeing the sames bikes ?

We think, you have the right to own a motorcycle that looks like you!

We propose you some transformations who will respect your tastes, your spirit, your living art...

We propose the both !

Whatever your motivations, a restoration is more or less expensive, we know the economic reality, so we will advise you about restoration choice who machting with your needed.

It's really respectful to choice partial restoration to take ASAP the benefice to drive into your safe & reliability nice car.

Because you want maintain high level security and reliability of your car.

We propose you the usual repairs and annual maintenances.


Braking system

Electricity & light

Wheel Axle & Transmission

MOT test in center specialiezd for classic cars.


Rust treatment

Body repair



We understand that you want keep your car in stock conditions, but don't avoid modern solution to optimize performance and safety of your car and your own safety!

Grumpy bear's Garage can do it for you.


Road grip

Change electricity voltage 6V to 12Volts

Fire safety

Modern comfort

May be you have some doubts about your futur classic car opportunity? Don't worry, Grumpy Bear's Garage can inspect it for you before purchase. We can advise you, also support you during your purchase front of the car.

Thanks to important contact network Grumpy Bear's Garage can find your classic car that you need.

Entrust the research of your dreams car to Grumpy Bear's Garage!




Sales & Purchases cars

Researching your dream car

Touch up Paint & total paint

Cautious restart after abandonment